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001 – We Are Live – Episode #1 Parenting & How To Be Married With Social Media. Christina takes on the Hilarious Youth Slang Challenge

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WE ARE LIVE!!! Welcome to No Filter Needed – The Ryan & Christina Show Episode #1
In this episode, we kick off the start of our new podcast and dive into parenting & how to be married with social media. Make sure you check out the hilarious trivia game we play where Christina has to give the definitions of the slang that today’s youth use.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

-Intro- Who we are [2:00]
-Check out The Blue Envelope use our discount code “NOFILTER” at checkout [5:00]
-5 tips to break up the monotony of summer for your kids – [6:00]
-Tweetable Quotes – “Sometimes we have to figure out how to be married with social media, not married to social media” -[11:35]
-How to be married with Social Media [11:40]
– #Staymarried [13:10]
– Christina’s one tip to help your marriage immediately [15:43]
-Christina takes on the Youth Slang Challange [16:45]
-How parenting can affect your marriage [24:55]

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