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002 – Episode # 2 Instagram 2.0 (Part 1) & Ryan takes on Reality Show Trivia

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We are back at it with an in depth look at Instagram and Ryan takes on Reality Show Trivia. We break down Instagram on a beginner level and dive into an advanced level. This will start 0ff our 6 part Instagram series that we will be tied all together at the end and be available to download for free.

Listen to today’s show and learn: [1:10]

-Show Sponsor WildFolkLumber [2:13]

-Instagram 2.0 Growth [3:11]

-Adult users have doubled on Instagram Since 2012 [8;15]


-Biz Vs Personal Accounts [9:54]

-Regulating your public profile [10:29]

-Defining who your audience is [11:10]

-Definition of an influencer [11:25]

-Dripping Authenticity [14:34]

FTC Website [16:36]

-How you can tell if someone is being authentic [17:30]

-Responding back to your followers [19:35]

-Getting organic growth on Instagram [19:45]

Reality Show Trivia Challange [20:27]

-5 Rules to start your Instagram Profile [26:36]

  1. Times to post [26:48]
  2. Stick with a consistent filter [27:09]
  3. Emotional Connection [28:15]
  4.  # of times to post [28:57]
  5. Hashtags  [34:34]

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