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Never fall more in love with your kids than with your husband

Never fall more in love with your kids than with your husband

That’s right I went there and some people might think that this is a no brainer but I assure you that it happens more often than you think especially as the years go by. Sometimes we can get caught up in all the things the kids are doing, which leaves us seeing more of the kids than you do your husband. What slowly is happening is the growing distance developing between you and the man you vowed years ago to give your life to.

Trust me the day will come when the house is empty of children. They’re gone and so is the closeness between you and your husband. You’re alone and it might seem like it is a stranger. Don’t let that happen you need to develop new ways to enjoy each other even while the kids are home. Take regular getaways without the children throughout your marriage to renew and refresh your relationship. Keep finding new ways to connect and enjoy life together. And when that day comes when the last kid moves out, you’ll be able to turn to your husband and say, wooohooooo it’s time to date and travel again”

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Ryan and Christina are a husband and wife duo, raising 4 kids on the East Coast. Living life as 30 somethings navigating the all too humorous daily happenings of Parenthood, Marriage and life on Social Media.

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