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Ep#16 – When The Cheese Goes Stale

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As you can tell by now,we love a good book and this week we talk about one of our faves, ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ by Spencer Johnson M.D.

This book is amazing for anyone going through a season of change in their lives. Whether it be in relationships, parenting,  finances or business- this book can help you realize that CHANGE IS NECESSARY!! Listen in as we chat about how the book relates to us and how we started a podcast out of the need to change the dynamics of a social media rut.

Are you dealing with change in your life? How are you adapting to it? As always join the conversation.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

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Samantha Richardson

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-Segment 1: [5:45] When The Cheese Goes Stale

  1. Change Happens [10:37]
  2. Anticipate the change [13:12]
  3. Monitor Change [15:00]


Quiz: 10 Question to get to know Christina [21:00]


-Segment 2: [26:10]

4. Adapt Quickly To Change [26:28]

5. Change [27:53]

6. Enjoying the change [29:14]

7. Change again and again and again [31:21]

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