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Ep#18 – 10 Marriage Vows You Won’t See at Weddings

Ep #12 How Space Can Bring Relationships Closer (2)

Love is patient, love is kind, love endures, blah blah blah, isn’t it all wonderful? Vowing to persevere through sickness and health and in wealth and poverty is tradition, and it’s comfortable when associated with lace and roses. But hasn’t it proven to be fairly useless when it comes to forging marriages that last forever? How many people have mouthed the words, “until we are parted by death” while privately plotting to move on as soon as a more attractive option presents itself?

Here’s a set of wedding vows with practical merit. They might sound unconventional and unromantic. They’re certainly not poetic, but these promises, if kept, will go far in sealing a marriage for the ages.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

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-Segment 1: [5:45] 10 Honest Marriage Vows You Never Hear at a Wedding

  1. I promise to clarify my expectations [7:14]
  2. I promise to give you the benefit of doubt when it comes to money [11:18]
  3. I promise to make sure I’m not just hungry before I yell at you  [16:03]
  4. I promise not to give in for the sole purpose for using my compliance against you later [16:57]
  5. I promise to defend you to others even if you are wrong [19:15]

Quiz: Guess Your Age With 9 Disney Questions [23:20]


-Segment 2:[27:56] 10 Honest Marriage Vows You Never Hear at a Wedding Part 2

6. I promise to try and put you before the children

7. I promise to do stuff neither of us wants to do [30:18]

8. I promise not to keep score [32:24]

9. I promise not to care if you get fat, skinny or old [35:21]

10. I promise to put your happiness before my own [42:17]


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