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Real Talk 10 – *New Segment* – Drop The Starbucks And Go On Vacation

Real Talk 10 Episode 1 (2)

We wanted to start a new segment for those that just wanted a quick tip podcast. As always our normal podcasts will air every Monday but now you get an extra dose each Thursday with our “Real Talk 10”. A quick ten-minute segment about absolutely anything we feel can be useful.

This week we break down the numbers for how to make 3 necessary vacations happen for you and your significant other in a year. We talk about the fact that a couples trip is mandatory for reconnecting with each other, especially if you are parents, without the chaos of your day to day. Then we chat about how individual trips (girls weekends, guys weekends) are needed to refocus your own personal self and come back as a better husband/wife as well as a parent.

The number one fact is that budgeting is a must and by cutting out one simple thing in your daily life you can achieve 3 mini vacations a year!!!

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